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proboardsI remember the day on 2001 when i created my first page on the Internet was a forum on so i am happy to talk about it as it’s 11 years old in this business.

What is Proboards? is a free forum hosting site enables you to create a forum in few seconds and i prefer referring new webmasters to


  1. Proboards has it own forum management software. it’s different than phpbb, VB, ipb and mybb. I think it’s near to SMF but still special one.
  2. Free perfect styles and support makes it has it own special look for visitors.
  3. Simple text editor make it better for your users.
  4. Logging in with Twitter or Facebook feature accounts makes it easy for your user and you will get more users everyday.
  5. You can add a domain any time to your proboard and make really professional forum.
  6. Easy admin control panel.
  7. Great and instant support at proboards forums
  8. Easy to promote your forum and get members from the support forum.

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5 Responses to Start Your Free Forums

  1. Asseletek says:

    thanks for sharing. proboards is a good free service :)

  2. Seceoriedge says:

    i am a member since 2008

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