Why People Unfollow You on Twitter?

yuunfollowmeIf you are a Twitter activist you must have a look everyday on your followers to know how many followers followed you and how many unfollowed you. In points I will talk about my experience in Twitter following and unfollowing reasons.

1- Changing your username:  Changing your username may cause great unfollowing to you because people don’t you who you are if you are not so popular.

2- Changing your avatar a lot: If you don’t use your photo with your face and use normal photos from the internet this may cause unfollow to you because they forgot you or don’t know you.

3- Posting links a lot: Posting news and thing from the internet may cause unfollowing to you and you can post what you think people must see not regular topics.

4- +18 posts: Posting adult content may cause great unfollowing ana may be great following!

5- Hell of tweets: You are not the only one which you followers follow so you must be sure that there are a lot of people see what you write and also wants to see what people write so don’t post 10 tweets per minute they may call you spammer!

6- Changing your username and avatar: How people can know you if you changed username and avatar? So you should tweet that with your old and new username. Having a website they reached you from will make it easier a little for you and them ;)

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4 Responses to Why People Unfollow You on Twitter?

  1. digitall says:

    very interesting tips you have here for twitter, might implement them soon, thanks

  2. Haitham says:

    You are welcome mate. Keep following to get all tips about tweeting.

  3. Summer says:

    Wow! Great tihknnig! JK

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